One of the most serious and under-reported problems for Veterans is involvement in the criminal justice system. This project is aimed at assisting justice-involved Veterans and their families with legal and health care advocacy, bail subsidies, VA benefit claims advocacy and re-entry support.

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A significant number of incarcerated Veterans have not been convicted of crimes but are being detained in local jails and facilities simply because they cannot afford to post money bail or pay a commercial bail bond company. Through project funding, the Project provides bail subsidies for the release of eligible Veterans pending court appearances, hearings or trial.

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Justice-involved Veterans may still be eligible for VA benefits, but they don’t know it. The Project conducts inreach and outreach to justice-involved Veterans to inform them of eligibility for disability compensation, pension, education and training, health care benefits and services, home loans, insurance, vocational rehabilitation, employment and burial benefits, and assists them with filing claims.

Two inmates in orange jumpsuits, one black one white, being counselled by a Caucasian woman.

In coordination with existing Department of Veteran Affairs re-entry and justice outreach programs, the Project helps incarcerated Veterans to successfully re-integrate back into the community after their release to prevent homelessness.

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The Project refers justice-involved Veterans and their families to competent pro bono or low-cost legal representation to address their legal needs.