Many problems affecting Veterans and their families such as unemployment or underemployment, justice involvement, substance abuse, mental and physical maladies—either find their genesis in, or are exacerbated by homelessness.

Architectural rendering of courtyard for Veteran housing In collaboration with a real estate developer, AmeriCare is actively involved in developing transitional and/or permanent housing for homeless and low income Veterans in the urban sector. There are too few Veteran homes, and of the few, too many are located in suburban or rural areas, which are inaccessible to Veterans currently living in the urban arena, or who wish to remain in the urban arena.Architectural rendering of Veteran housing complex

As an integral component of the transitional or permanent housing, AmeriCare will be providing on-site supportive services to Veteran occupants to assist in elevating productive citizenry outcomes. Such supportive services may include, but are not limited to, housing counseling, child care and transportation services, referrals to health care, substance abuse, daily living, and legal services, and benefits advocacy.

Plan for Veteran housing