AmeriCare’s mission is to help fill the gaps in Veteran services.

Founded in 2003, AmeriCare Community Services, Inc. has the goal of alleviating homelessness among Veterans. We seek to close the gaps in existing Veteran services by developing supportive housing for low income and homeless Veterans, and providing services to incarcerated Veterans eligible for release. We honor the sacrifice and wisdom of Veterans by employing them to achieve our goal.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s latest estimates are that there are approximately 47,725 adult Veterans who are homeless and need help. Many are suffering from untreated conditions which contribute to homelessness, such as mental and physical infirmities, substance abuse, the frailties of age and disabilities. This is a shameful statistic. American Veterans have not only risked injury and death, but their families have endured separation and hardship so that their loved ones could put their lives on the line to maintain our way of life. They deserve more than what we are presently giving them. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which runs programs benefiting Veterans and their families, is either understaffed or is enmeshed in bureaucratic red tape—gaps in services which preclude helping every single homeless Veteran to get into supportive housing, or to get services they need to prevent them from falling into the pit of homelessness. Community-based programs are needed to help fill the gaps in Veteran services.

AmeriCare’s housing program and Veterans Justice Project are community-based gap fillers, operated by people who believe that there is a moral imperative to express our appreciation to Veterans and the families of Veterans by serving them.

Homeless Korean war vet wrapped in red blanked, in need of help.Front of bail bondsman officeMiddle aged African American man looking up
African American female soldier salutingYoung Caucasian veteran sitting on sidewalk with sign asking for help.Wooden framework of apartment building under construction